The Friends of Freedmen's Cemetery

The Friends of Freedmen's Cemetery are happy to make available to the public a wealth of primary source data relating to Alexandria's African American community of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. We are particularly happy to have a record of the deaths and burials of Alexandria's freed people (see the "Gladwin Record"). We hope that the information will be valuable statistically, anecdotally, and most important, genealogically. Although we are most interested in the Civil War and Reconstruction eras, we are trying to bridge the temporal and geographical gaps between the "modern" era of African American research — 1870 and later — and the days of slavery. As our volunteers continue their research and transcription efforts, we will add more sources.

Please remember that many of the historical documents and excerpts cited were created during the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and reflect prevalent attitudes and language used at the time.

Individuals and Families

Civil War and Reconstruction-Era Records:

Later Records:

Pre-Civil War Records:

July 8, 2017