The Friends of Freedmen's Cemetery

The 1,906 decorated luminary bags pictured on the associated pages will be used in the May 12, 2007 Re-Dedication Ceremony for the Freedmen's Cemetery. The name, age at death, and sex of the deceased is followed by the first name of the luminary bag decorator.

DECORATORS: To find your bag, click on your group or school, then use the browser's Find function (Edit Menu/Find Option) to search by typing in your first name. If your name does not appear, try variations on the spelling.

Alexandria Archaeology
Alexandria Black History
Alexandria Girl Scouts
Campagna Kids
Code Pink
Girl Scouts 4607
Hammond Middle School
Lyles Crouch Elementary
Mac Arthur Elementary
Old Bridge Elementary
Rose Hill Elementary
Top Teens of America

Spring 2007 Illumination Ceremony Photographs, Courtesy of Dave Cavanaugh

June 6th, 2007